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DynaTune has two locations in New Hampshire. All  service locations have ASE certified technicians who receive training at our private Training facility. Test equipment is constantly reviewed by our technical staff to bring you the most cost effective, and time saving methods to diagnose and repair your car. We test and assess the latest equipment to diagnose and repair your automobile. Our Repair information Library is equipped with a computer database to provide the best tool for quality service, we even have printed repair info dated back to 1965 for your Jewel.

This diagnostic scope provides a full comprehensive checkout on the Engine, Fuel system, Ignition system, Emission system, Battery, Charging system, Starter, and more. Easy to read printouts

Portable computer scanner and Lab scope
allows us to test your computer system, electrical
components, and sensors, in the shop and on the road.

Motor Vac Fuel system and carbon cleaning
machine, gets the Yucky stuff out!